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Ad week presents Next Generation Day

Last week I was fortunate enough to host 10 amazing students for the afternoon as a participating agency in Next Generation Day. This may be the 6th year Next Generation Day has been organized as part of Ad Week, but this is the first year for ZenithOptimedia as a participating agency.

At 11:30 we welcomed the students into the agency. We learned a little bit about each other over lunch, shared our stories and talked about what we love about advertising.

The students were all from different schools, taking different programs and wanting to explore different parts of the advertising industry. As diverse as this group was, it was clear that all of these students were excited to be part of Next Generation Day.



“It is so contagious the energy that was in the Next Generation’s conference. There is a vibe of creativity among young marketers who are determined to show what they are capable of.” 

– Indira Santos, Seneca College


In addition to a guided agency tour, the students had the opportunity to work on a current agency project. The students were split into two groups and given a brief. They were challenged to come up with a big idea and media recommendation which they would then present to the rest of the group. They only had two hours to do all of this and came up with some great ideas!

To wrap up the afternoon, we hosted a Q&A session where the students were able to interact with several ZenithOptimedia employees. The panel was comprised of employees from all departments and all levels of experience. This was a great chance for the students to ask questions to people who have been in the industry for four months to 10+ years.


group shot “Personally, I really enjoyed the brief and pitch activity. I have a true love of campaign brainstorming but I haven’t had much experience doing agency work, so this was not only a joy but a real learning opportunity for me.” 

– Elise Bradt, Ryerson University


We received great feedback from the students we hosted. The group was engaged, asked intelligent questions and worked well together.

Next Generation Day is not only a great experience for students looking to make connections in the industry, but it also benefits the participating agencies. These students are keen, bright and eager to start their careers in advertising – we’ve already received a few resumes!

This may have been the first year Zenith participated, but I certainly hope it’s not the last. I highly recommend getting involved in this event next year!

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