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“Programmatic is about “return on creativity.” By that we mean getting more business return on the reactions in culture, which you are able to get through creativity.”


– Sam Ashken, Head of Audience Intelligence, Barbarian Group

CMDC hosted a thought leadership session coined “Programmatic – A Creative Playground” at this year’s FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week to broaden awareness this real-time revolution and encourage marketers to embrace the potential of the data-driven creative.

The three key speakers, a strategist, a marketer, and a publisher, revealed the real creative opportunity that programmatic has to transform the industry.

David Jowett, President of Vision 7 International, opened the session by demystified the concerns around programmatic advertising. As media agencies have access to all kinds of data: audience, contextual, and demographic, the real opportunity is with the creative message.

Sam Ashken, Head of Audience Intelligence, Barbarian Group NY, engaged the audience with an in-depth look at how programmatic is leading to improved creativity with new advertising moments and types of storytelling. Highlights from Ashken’s talk are featured in this recent Marketing Magazine article.

Presenting a publisher’s perspective on programmatic, Joe Strolz, GM of AOL Canada, revealed the hidden truths of what programmatic means to people now, how it is really deployed, and the benefits it’s bringing to the industry. Strolz shared his insights on how the rise of programmatic trading allows for better brand storytelling, richer integration of campaigns, and deeper collaborative relationships with partners.

To close the session with a marketers lens, Craig Jennings, Director of Media at RBC, relayed to the audience the need for speed, relevancy and transparency. Agency partners must stay ahead of the pace of change and embrace relevancy in both content and context to create more meaningful customer interactions.

A video of the discussion will be released shortly. Stay connected and join the conversation on programmatic on our Twitter feed.

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