CMDC 20/20 Vision: Marketing in the Age of Wonder

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We are in an era of wonder and wisdom, when time has been truncated and where speed needs acceleration to catch up to consumer demand.

Today’s media footprint explores this world of wonder in entertainment, communications and information. It is a business; it is a cultural entity; and it is about tracing the often-complex consumer journey to the moment that matters.

This year, CMDC 20/20 Vision brings to the stage some of the world’s top innovators and thinkers to share ideas, stimulate debate and showcase the future of media. Be prepared to connect with an inspired crowd and for an extraordinary rush of ideas that will harness the power of wonder to transform your business.


May 6 2014 CMDC-191

May 6 2014 CMDC-255   May 6 2014 CMDC-19














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