Conference: Hinton & Poutanen – Godfathers of AI

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Conference: Hinton & Poutanen – Godfathers of AI

The biggest revolution since electricity

Since the late1990s the University of Toronto has been home to the world’s most enduring research labs focussed on deep learning – the neural network that underpins Artificial Intelligence. At CMDC 2017: MAGIC+LOGIC these world renowned pioneers give us the inside scoop on the technologies behind smart cars, instant translation, facial recognition and future AI applications some say will be as transformative as the discovery of electricity.

Geoffrey Hinton is a University of Toronto professor emeritus and VP Engineering Fellow working at Google both here and in Mountain View. His long time collaborator Tomi Poutanen is co-founder of Layer 6 AI, a Software as a Service that can ‘give your customers what they want before they know they want it’. The CMDC is extremely fortunate and excited to host and celebrate these visionaries here in their hometown of Toronto.

More about Geoffrey Hinton and Tomi Poutanen

The New York Times Magazine ‘The  Great AI Awakening’
How Google used artificial intelligence totransform Google Translate, one of its morepopular services — and how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself.

Layer 6 AI
You have more customer data than ever before. You know every website click and credit card swipe they make. The challenge is finding a way to use all that data quickly, accurately and reliably to deliver what your customers want next.

With Layer 6 AI’s personalization engine, you can access Deep Learning to deliver personalized recommendations, search results and insight with unprecedented accuracy — in real time.

»» Layer 6 AI site

The Globe and Mail: Artificial intelligence is the future, and Canada can seize it.
A new form of Artificial Intelligence is about to transform our world. The impact AI will have is often compared to the advent of the Internet. Others say AI will be as transformative as the discovery of electricity. Amazingly, the technology at the heart of these breakthroughs, Deep Learning, was largely developed in Canada. In fact, many of the world’s AI leaders in both academia and at the world’s most advanced technology companies – Google, Facebook, Apple, Open AI – came through the machine learning lab in the computer science department at the University of Toronto

»» Read the full article at The Globe and Mail

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