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Conference: Alex Winter – Time Traveller/Documentarian

Secrets of the deep dark web

The world first came to know of Alex Winter as Bill. S. Preston, Esquire, in the smash hit comedy ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’ He comes to CMDC 2017: MAGIC+LOGIC as the Writer/Director of highly acclaimed feature documentaries Deep Web – about the online black market Silk Road – and Downloaded – about Napster and the digital revolution.

As the co-star of two hit movies Alex is well acquainted with the perils of stardom. It was his quest for some kind of privacy that first attracted him to the ‘dark web’ and he gives an illuminating and personal view of its pros and cons, as well as the perils of our increasingly transparent internet lives.

More about Alex Winter

Most recently Alex filmed ‘Trump’s Lobby’, in which he “trained his camera’s lens on the power-players, political foes, ambitious job-seekers, and random celebrities who passed through the doors on their way to see man who’d just been elected President.” His documentary on the late musician Frank Zappa raised $876,362 on Kickstarter, making it the largest ever crowdfunded campaign for a documentary.

Alex Winter site
Hi I’m Alex Winter, a director and writer. I started in the business as a child actor and occasionally venture back in front of the camera. My films have played in festivals worldwide and won some nice awards. We’ve collected a smattering of my work from over the years, including exclusive videos for everyone who knows me as Bill S. Preston, Esquire, from the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure franchise. We also put together behind-the-scenes stuff for fans of Freaked and Fever and The Idiot Box. You may even find hidden gems from my starring role opposite a scene-stealing jacket in The Lost Boys. Thanks for dropping by!

»» Alex Winter site

Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa on Kickstarter
Frank Zappa lived an insane life. Rock star. Artist. Composer. Activist. Talking head. Family man. Jokester. Absurdist. One of the greatest musicians who ever lived. Even if you don’t know anything about him, you’ve probably heard his name and seen his face.

And now, for the first time, we have something no one has ever had: Unrestricted access to his never-before-explored, private archives

»» Kickstarter campaign

Trump’s Lobby
Since Donald Trump’s election, there has been a continual flow of high-level visitors to his penthouse apartment in Trump Tower. I slipped into Trump Tower in NYC and made this short film that explores the tense and surreal atmosphere in Trump’s Lobby.

Commissioned by Field of Vision, the documentary unit created by Laura Poitras, AJ Schnack and Charlotte Cook

»» Watch Trump’s Lobby – Field of Vision from Field Of Vision on Vimeo.

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