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Conference: Kevin Slavin – Algorithmist/Serial Entrepreneur

Every algorithm wants to rule the world

Algorithmist/Serial Entrepreneur Kevin Slavin sees a world ‘where games shape life and life shapes games’. At CMDC 2017: MAGIC+LOGIC he will be giving us insights into “How Algorithms Shape Our World “– from the complex data and mathematical formulae that drove his 50 million user game platform to our every day search engine (SEO strategy) recommendations to espionage tactics to stock prices.

Kevin is an entertaining storyteller who weaves metaphors and anecdotes seamlessly together while giving you the big picture on where technology is going and how it will take us there. He is the co-founder of Everybody at Once, a consultancy analyzing online audience interaction and leader of MIT Media Lab’s Playful Systems which brings the algorithmic systems normally in the background out into the open as games, stories, narratives, and visualizations.

More about Kevin Slavin

MIT Media Lab Playful Systems
In a world mediated through computing, our everyday lives are increasingly affected by complex and invisible systems. Some of these are algorithmic trades on the stock market, others are search results for information, movies, or a date. These systems often aspire to transparency, usability, and efficiency. Playful systems take a different approach, bringing the systems to the foreground as games, stories, narratives, and visualizations. Playful systems embrace complexity rather than conceal it, and seek to delight, not disappear.

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20 Day Stranger
20 Day Stranger is an app that reveals intimate, shared connections between two anonymous individuals. It’s a mobile experience that exchanges one person’s experience of the world with another’s, while preserving anonymity on both sides. The app was developed in conjunction with The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values

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Everybody at Once

Everybody at Once
Everybody at Once is a consultancy based in NYC that specializes in audience development and social strategy for media, entertainment, and sports. Founded in 2013, we have nurtured some of the biggest, most dedicated fan communities on the internet and transformed how our clients understand and integrate social into their business.

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