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Conference: Peter Field – Shapeshifter Analyst

Is short term gain creating long term pain?

For the past decade Peter Field has focused his thoughts on analyzing one subject: how advertising works. At CMDC 2017: MAGIC+LOGIC he will take you through some of the findings in his upcoming book (again written with Les Binet) in which they examine how the balance between mass marketing and personal, direct relationships with consumers effects brand growth.

The first two books by these relentless and unflinching analysts are landmark texts in the use of evidence-based marketing science: Marketing In The Era of Accountability, and The Long and the Short of It. This presentation by Field provides not only an analysis of practices that are undermining brand growth, but also how to avoid them and ways to design campaigns for optimal results.

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Article from IPA (UK), November 2016

With the rise of owned and earned online media, many marketers have begun to question the need to spend money on paid media and mass reach. New IPA research on effectiveness in the changing media landscape, released today (31 October) by Les Binet and Peter Field, refutes this. Other key research highlights reveal the power of television, online video and VoD in driving effectiveness and the overarching need to maintain the 60:40 brand building/sales activation ratio to build profits.

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Peter Field on selling creativity short
Marketing consultant Peter Field says there are two big threats to marketing effectiveness detailed in ‘Selling Creativity Short’, his new report for the IPA: short-termism and budget pressures. Field introduced the research at a session organised by Warc at the 2016 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Peter Field interview in campaign magazine

The Ideas People: On the Record – Peter Field
Can you really be an Ideas Person and an expert on the dry topic of marketing accountability? Peter Field, a marketing consultant and former planner, has mastered the two disciplines.

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