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Conference: Tom Goodwin – Disruptor Soothsayer

Who wears the crown when context is king?

Tom may be the most quoted guy you’ve never heard speak. He wrote that observation about “Uber owns no vehicles…Facebook creates no content, AirBnB, Alibaba…”. At CMDC 2017: MAGIC+LOGIC he’ll be both answering and asking great questions about how the concept of a media channel is about to explode and be upended when Twitter broadcasts live sports, Apple has a radio station and Amazon Echo can cook your dinner.

As EVP Head of Innovation at Zenith Media Tom’s job is to think, speak, write and make the newly possible happen with a focus on the intersection of marketing, technology and business.  No wonder he is  #1 Top Voice in Marketing on LinkedIn and one of 2 Advertising ‘Must Follows’ on Fast Company. He has columns for  The Guardian, TechCrunch and Forbes, (sometimes Ad Age, Inc, Ad Week) and in the last year has spoken at events in China, Germany, India, Australia, Turkey, Spain, USA and UK. Welcome to Canada, Tom!

More about Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin on LinkedIn (#1 Top Voice in Marketing on LinkedIn)
We’ve long thought of Facebook, Alibaba, Uber, Airbnb and many other businesses as thin platforms, as my often reused quote first suggested, maybe we now need to think of this horizontalisation as a new way to consider media. Our relationship with the stuff we love is changing.

In a week where Facebook launched its TV app with Samsung as a launch partner and Google launched a TV offering, we have to ask what this means for TV and then every other media channel.

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The promise of immersive advertising
“We are rethinking how our clients can make meaningful connections in the ever-developing media landscape,” explains Goodwin. “So much old terminology no longer makes sense, and creates unnecessary constraints. If we think of media for “TV”, we’ve already constrained ourselves to thinking about a big screen that people sit back from, having a one-way experience. But if we re-conceive of things around “video,” everything changes.”

Analysis of Mobile World Conference for AdAge
In any given year SXSW shows us the businesses that new technology allows, CES shows us the devices that will use the tech, and Mobile World Congress projects the plumbing and infrastructure that will make both happen. If CES shows us the canvas for advertising, MWC gives us the toolkit. Mobile World Congress this year was built on the theme of the 4th industrial revolution, the idea that connectivity will be the key element that empowers business transformation and a paradigm leap in what’s possible. So what keys to marketing came out of the conference?

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