CMDC ‘Truth + Purpose’ Conference returns on April 23rd & April 24th 2018

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CMDC 2018 Conference ‘Truth & Purpose’ brings together the most influential speakers in technology, marketing and communications on April 24th at Tiff Lightbox.

As Purpose has become the new currency in today’s conscious capitalism. It stands as one of the greatest untapped forces in the for-profit world. Still, the ability to do what is right is based on a common agreement on what is Truth. 

When it comes to meaning in life, relationships matter to humans more than anything else. Fundamental to any relationship is trust – which is in crisis globally, particularly in business and government. Companies that thrive today clearly understand, and act upon, this need to deliver Truth & Purpose – from the employees to their customers.

Join us to hear how leaders and change-makers help construct stronger partnerships, produce impact with real meaning and, of course, generate profits. And, most crucially, learn how to restore confidence in business today by working towards more open truthful, and purpose-driven models.

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