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Meet Our YA | Alex Redfern, Strategy Supervisor, OMD

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For our first newsletter edition, we met with Alex Redfern, Strategy Supervisor, OMD to talk about purpose, client partnerships and what keeps her inspired.

CMDC: How can marketers build purpose driven brands in the digital world?
Alex: The markets show us that it’s becoming increasingly more important for brands to act and align themselves with social purpose. As marketing and media experts, we continuously ask ourselves this: “Is our brand mission clear, compelling, yet ambitious and actionable?”

An inspiration for all is LinkedIn. They have a vision: to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce and they have a method: to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Here, both their vision and mission statement are articulate, meaningful and, most of all, actionable.

As we know, advertising influences our behaviour as consumers. What we don’t often consider is that it has the power to shape our aspirations and values. Addressing a social purpose can help companies motivate employees, attract new customers, incite innovation, and most of all contribute to a better world.

Why? Because, more than ever before, people are searching for something to believe in. People desire to exhibit their ability to do good in the world. And it is our job to give them a platform. One of the simpler ways in which we can help build purpose is through thought leadership. We know that consumers are willing to invite brand content – as long as it’s valuable to them. Now is the ideal time and place for brands to begin to exceed boundaries and provide challenging content on channels where their target audience is already consuming media.

Brands like RBC, with their Disruptor’s series is a profound example of this. Here, the brand delivers to its customers, intelligent, insight-based information that is conversational and witty.

CMDC: Does a long-lasting client relationship depend on a secret sauce?
Alex: Yes. And it is made up of three parts. Trust: Continue to develop a relationship in which your client understands that you take their interests, business priorities, and brand at heart. Communication: Key for any successful, enduring relationship. Open dialogue, frequent conversations and meetings are essential to high-quality client service. Innovation: With the foundation of trust and communication, opportunities to disrupt the norm and drive fresh, innovative strategic thinking are elevated.

CMDC: How do you stay inspired?
Alex Personally, I follow the maxim of Learn Something New. For me right now, the podcast series ‘How I Built This’ features compelling stories from innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists on movements that they’ve built. It’s from NPR, so it’s well-curated, highly intelligent, digestible content.



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