Meet our 2019 YA: Sunny Gill, Senior Communications Planner, Carat

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Meet our 2019 YA: Sunny Gill, Senior Communications Planner, Carat

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What is the secret sauce to a long lasting, trusting client relationship?

Like most secret sauces you’ll be served in restaurants, the ingredients to long-lasting and trusting client relationships are pretty simple. (And usually not-so-secret.)

First, you need to demonstrate both passion and knowledge for your client’s goals – whether market share, sales to brand health. That sounds simple enough, but adding value is flexing your business muscle. Beyond media KPI – while important – agencies must demonstrate that they comprehend and can produce genuine business success. As we marketers become ever more focused on driving advertising efficiencies, the first step is having a sharply focussed lens on media effectiveness in driving real-world results.

Secondly, you need to be an authoritative voice for the media landscape. With the industry changing at such a rapid pace, who can not just keep up but lead. What opportunities and media innovations are on the horizon? Bonus points again if you can demonstrate value outside of media; should your client evolve their website or optimize towards mobile sites?

Finally, don’t be afraid to challenge your clients. I spent my first year in the industry saying yes to everything. Sure, it was a great way to get clients to like me – but an ineffective way of getting clients to trust me. Once you’ve established that everyone has the same goals – and that you are a voice of authority – clients appreciate feedback that will help move their business forward. If you think they should rework a target, or shift KPIs, let them know! Just make sure you have the data and rationale to back it up.

How do you stay curious in a fast paced industry? 

Surround yourself with people that are different from you! Connecting with people on different teams, different roles – even at different agencies within the network – is a great way to ensure you keep learning.

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