About Us

The Canadian Media Directors’ Council plays a pro-active role in the media communications industry as advocates, leaders and as advisors, to ensure a fair and progressive marketplace on behalf of our clients, our agencies and our media partners.

  • We operate as a collective voice on behalf of advertisers, leveraging our significant investment in advertising placement, to counter-balance the concentration of media ownership
  • We strive to establish global standards for syndicated research
  • We are responsive to government and regulators for the adoption of better practices in advertising
  • We are committed to the professional quality of our talent base and attracting new skillsets to our expanding suite of specialized services
  • We focus our efforts on issues in which respect for consumers is paramount e.g. online privacy protocols and commercial clutter
  • We host the largest annual media conference in Canada to explore and reflect on our dynamic marketplace: the adaptation of new technologies and the effect on the attitudes and motivations of consumers.
  • We produce an annual CMDC Media Digest, a guidebook for our industry with content and opinion produced by our member agencies
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