The affairs of the Council are managed by the Board of Directors.
There are two classes of membership in the Council:

  1. Regular Members consisting of Advertising Agency, Media Agency and related disciplines
  2. Associate Organization or General Members



These are companies which are admitted to the Council by the resolution of the Board of Directors. The membership is registered in the company name.

The company is requested to put forward their most senior executive to be the primary contact, and the person who would be the agency representative at Board meetings.

This representative may put their name forward as the agency designate to be elected to the CMDC Board of Directors.



These are smaller advertising or regional media agencies which must put forward their application for consideration for membership by the Board of Directors.



To work with your peer group towards the advancement of the media advertising discipline as our sphere of influence grows as well as our client expectations.

  • CMDC Membership offers an opportunity to share informed opinion with the top media practitioners in the marketplace
  • CMDC Membership offers a chance to ensure that better practices are applied in all aspects of our business
  • CMDC Membership offers the rewards that come with advanced knowledge of industry issues which are of benefit to your client base
  • CMDC Membership offers a place to shape opinions and to work towards solutions to overcome barriers to success
  • CMDC Membership demonstrates to the industry that you are an active, engaged and valued member of a cornerstone Council working towards a better business environment for all stakeholders


If you wish to become a member, please write to our President with details of your agency:

Janet Callaghan

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