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Our focus is on the marketing communications and media environment:

Our Board members join the CMDC to play a broader role within their community to ensure that our access to industry services adhere to worldwide standards for business practices. In addition the Council is accessible as a collective to provide advocacy or guidance to the industry at large.

The CMDC has a number of standing committees for our major annual projects: E.g. the CMDC Conference and the CMDC Media Digest, see below for the CMDC Chair(s) of these important contributions to our marketplace.

In addition, we have active committees to address current or urgent issues which we take on with an aggressive time-line for resolution. These committees are also headed by a CMDC Board member, assisted by other Board members and senior staff from our member agencies selected for the application of their skill set to the issue at hand, e.g. CFO, Human Resources, Market and Media Research.

The goal for our committee work is to use our combined resources to ensure that we can bring about progressive change in our marketplace and spearhead initiatives which are competitively advanced for both our multi-national and our Canadian clients.

In addition our members actively participate on industry boards and committees.

Committee and committee Chairs Committee Mission

Karen Nayler, Mindshare
David Jowett, v7International

A CMDC initiated international, cross disciplinary advisory group which ‘meets’  quarterly  to probe global trends and issues.
20/20 Vision

Cathy Collier, OMD
Hold the date: Tuesday May 5, 2015
VIP Dinner: Monday May 4, 2015

An annual conference traditionally held in early May, to bring the best speakers from the world stage to address Canada’s biggest media/communications get together.

Bruce Neve

A new committee to explore consumer navigation and application of new technologies. To seek out incubating ideas or start-ups with promise of positive contribution to our marketing efforts.
To review the potential of partnering/championing media and communication labs.
Media Digest

Julie Myers

This annual publication filled with content supplied by our member agencies, keeps our readers abreast of the media facts but leavened with the opinions of our individual Board members.
Print Measurement Initiative

Michele Pauchuk

In response to industry demand to make print measurement more advanced, more in-the-now and more cost effective, our committee has been at the epicenter of historic change.
There is a now a new industry organization with a new mandate, chaired by our CMDC chair.
Regulatory and Set Top Box Data

Anne Myers

In 2014 CMDC partnered with the ACA in our lobbying efforts with the Senate committee on the Future of CBC and we made an appearance at the CRTC’s ‘Let’s Talk TV’ hearings.
The CMDC is one of 8 associations which has created an online interest based self-governing association: DAAC
Programmatic/Online Transparency

Maura Hanley

This committee leads the CMDC on this high interest topic and is dedicated to eradicating online fraud.  The CMDC is exploring a JIC committee with other stakeholders to ensure that change happens and that better practices are adopted throughout the industry.
Measurement Better

David Jowett, v7international

This committee is dedicated to examining new ideas and focusing on what it is that we and our client’s need from advanced measurement. These guiding principles will be applied to all new measurement solutions.
Talent and Training

Shelley Smit, UM
Leeanne Comish, m2universal

This portfolio is critical to our growth as an industry because it focuses on our current and future talent needs.  We also interact with educational institutions; we contemporize media as a career, we track potential training seminars and benchmark our current employee health.
Youth Ambassadors

Sheri Metcalfe, Jungle
Sheri Rogers, DentsuBos

Our Youth Ambassadors were established to address our need to connect with the younger members of our community and also to encourage their own peer to peer collaboration in common business needs and shared goals.
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