How China is changing the Future of Shopping

China is an unrivaled laboratory of innovation – where everything happens immediately and on customers' smartphones. Mobile purchases dominate, even within bricks-and-mortar stores. Over 15 years of experience in management consulting for more than 70 consumer goods and retail projects in [...]

The Value of Satire in Media

There's truth in the premise that, "It's funny because it's true". Mike McAvoy, CEO of the Onion opened our annual CMDC VIP Dinner revealing how satire helps create constructive conversations around essential social, political, and business issues.  Mike McAvoy opened his talk with a bold [...]

The Unreachables

The Unreachables is a combination of Millennials and GenXers who, as they are off the grid, represent the most extreme example of the difficulty of quantifying when advertising messages reach them. And they aren’t as elusive as they appear, but in order to reach this audience one has to look [...]

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