YA Young Blood Awards – Shortlist Revealed!

CMDC is proud to announce the shortlist for  YA Young Blood Awards 2017. This year we received the highest submissions ever, attracting young guns from agencies and all areas of expertise. They are a passionate and formidable bunch, who are challenging status quo and already making impact at [...]

CMDC YA Young Blood Awards

It’s that time of year again! On Tuesday October 17th 2017 CMDC Youth Ambassadors are holding their highly anticipated Young Blood Awards at Steamwhistle Brewery, 6 – 9pm. We want to invite you to celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of the most fearless, most creative, [...]

Are Millennials Lilliputians?

In 1726, Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels was published in a safe and strictly edited form, but thankfully, this deeply satirical manuscript was published later in its original, unedited form in 1735. Gulliver, our travelling protagonist, observed strange and imagined countries, and at one [...]

What is left of the programmatic TV promise?

We move at high velocity in media these days. One year ago the promise of programmatic television was served up formally to the media buying marketplace. By fall 2016, this promise had quietly morphed into an offering that resembled programmatic media, but only to a degree. Fast forward another [...]

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