Are Millennials Lilliputians?

In 1726, Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels was published in a safe and strictly edited form, but thankfully, this deeply satirical manuscript was published later in its original, unedited form in 1735. Gulliver, our travelling protagonist, observed strange and imagined countries, and at one [...]

What is left of the programmatic TV promise?

We move at high velocity in media these days. One year ago the promise of programmatic television was served up formally to the media buying marketplace. By fall 2016, this promise had quietly morphed into an offering that resembled programmatic media, but only to a degree. Fast forward another [...]

Trends & Transformations

The role of media has gone through a massive transformation, balancing all that technology enables with a new multitude of creative possibilities and new ways to reach people with precision. It seems media trends are being updated every few weeks. And with that, we worry about overestimating [...]

Media habits compel a breakdown of silos

Who could have predicted that millennial media habits would force our industry back to a practice that predates the segment? Realistically, it is not just millennials forcing this change in the way we work—it is the entire tumultuous communication landscape. But nowhere along the segmentation [...]

YA Spotlight: Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness: Definition - the Brain Hack to optimize work performance and life balance. Legend has it, a falling apple struck Issac Newton on the head before he had his “aha moment” on the laws of gravity. While that’s not exactly how my big discovery happened. However, it was a life changing moment.

Defining TV and ending short-term strategies

The "Magic and Logic" conference focused on blending big aspirations with our current realities. The Canadian Media Directors’ Council held its annual 20/20 Vision conference in Toronto this week. This year’s conference adhered to the theme of “Magic and Logic,” highlighting the intersection of [...]

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