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    The Unreachables
    July 11, 2018
    The Unreachables is a combination of Millennials and GenXers who, as they are off the grid, represent the most extreme example of the difficulty of quantifying when advertising messages reach them. And they aren’t as elusive as they appear, but in order to reach this audience one has to look beyond current planning and measurement methodologies and tools. Still, Shane Cameron’s talk at CMDC 2018 Conference, The Unreachables, remained upbeat. He illustrated the remarkable range of viewing options today, that all achieve scale. At the same time, Shane acknowledged the difficulty in the challenge ahead, to produce a universal solution to the static state of planning tools and methodology currently in use by agencies, clients, broadcasters, and publishers.
    Galvanizing the Food and Beverage industry to respond to a good cause without loss of responsible exposure
    June 25, 2018
    Over 80 organizations are united to address marketing food & beverage to kids. Ron Lund, President and CEO, Association of Canadian Advertisers Advocacy in action delivered food-for-thought to the attendees by breaking down the potential consequences of federal legislation (Bill S-228) geared toward prohibiting food and beverage marketing to children. Lund’s association represents the interests of hundreds of Canadian client-marketer organizations, all of whom share and support the Government’s goal of combating childhood obesity and fostering public health.
    CMDC co-hosts The Media Leaders Summit at Banff World Media Festival
    June 10, 2018
    A summit unlike any other: The Canadian Media Directors Council (CMDC) has partnered with Banff World Media Festival, to co-host the inaugural Media Leaders Summit today, Monday, June 11th. Leading the Summit agenda is Co-Chair, Ann Stewart, CEO Wavemaker Canada and Sean Cohan, President, International and Digital Media, A+E Networks. Aptly convened in Alberta's magnificent Rocky Mountains, some of the world's most distinguished media and entertainment companies will collaborate to tackle pressing media issues.
    CMDC 2018 Conference | April 24th | A host of visionary speakers will examine today's quest for Truth and currency of Purpose.
    April 17, 2018
    The Canadian Media Directors’ Council announces the return of its annual conference. Coined Truth & Purpose, CMDC 2018 will deliver an eclectic roster of expert speakers plus a VIP Dinner featuring Mike McAvoy, CEO The Onion. McAvoy will reveal how satire helps create constructive conversations around essential social, political, and business issues. Ann Stewart, Co-Chair, CMDC and CEO, Wavemaker comments: “The essence of our theme this year is found in the achievements of every one of our speakers. Truth and purpose in media today is, arguably, more important than it's ever been.”   Sheri Metcalfe, Co-Chair CMDC and President, Jungle Media elaborates: “We are bringing together the best minds in business, tech and creative to spark conversation. Most of the buzz we're hearing now is about R. David Edelman. He'll cover the most pressing ethical challenges facing the world today – from cyber security and privacy threats to artificial intelligence and automation.”
    Balancing purpose with profit
    February 13, 2018
    Today, more than ever, consumers want to be associated with brands that share their beliefs. But when, where and how should brands 'take a stand'? MediaCom’s Alastair Bannerman asks Shell’s Chris Hayek how his company is working to balance purpose with profit. Chris Hayek: More and more, people want to know what brands stand for, and they tend to choose those which reflect their own personal values. So brands need to show why they make sense in people’s lives. That means showing they care about providing something meaningful, and not just their own pursuit of profits. It’s what lets them talk about a topic legitimately and do something about it. AB: How do you define your brand purpose? CH: At Shell, we want to enable progress by providing more and cleaner energy solutions. We believe the answers to tomorrow’s energy challenges lie in the power of people’s ingenuity, and that together we can #makethefuture today. As part of this campaign, our brand team is working hard to invite anyone and everyone to join the conversation.


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